INNOTRANSFERS, is a leading company specialized in the design and production of High Quality Heat Printing transfers for the textile industry.

We are a leading European Business Group manufacturing High Quality Transfers, Roll to Roll Transfers, and Transfer Textile Printing technology for the textile industry.

Our production capacity allows us to serve from the smallest order, to a season production, in very good lead time.

Our technology and transfers are perfect for any type of labelling and marking: Denim labelling, Underwear, Baby clothing, Textile for food, Hospital clothing, Work Wear, Uniforms, Hotel business clothing, Orthopedic material, T-shirts, Sport clothing, Socks, Insoles, Marketing material, Labelling, Promotional, Industrial, etc…


Our innovative technology is the most recommended for marking and labelling your products, since it prints directly onto the garment, leaving it 100% dry and ready for its immediate manipulation

We manufacture all type of textile transfers: Roll transfers, Unit transfers, Resin roll transfers (for hospital clothing, for example),Full colour transfers, etc….We have the Standard 100 by Oeko TEX regulation, our transfers are allowed to be used in baby clothing and organic clothing the highest quality level.

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